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We're a platform that helps agencies to create tailored reports at scale. Use it to power your inbound and outbound strategies. See how.

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conversion rates

A value-centric approach is the winning way to warm up your prospects.


reply rate

Make your prospects feel the need to open and reply to your email.


on sales process

Streamline your sales process with automation and reduce your team workload.

Build trust.

Plug and play

Increase the conversion rate of your campaigns by using our 10+ conversion-focused templates.

A value-generation machine

An effective campaign will heavily rely on providing value upfront – that's why we integrate with GTMetrix to gather valuable information about your prospect's website.

Great for inbound & outbound

It works for all marketers and SDRs willing to make the sales process more effective while reducing the team workload.

At scale.

Create your

Create a pre-made report using our page builder and custom variables.

Run the report creator

Create a new report in less than 1 minute by providing the domain name.

Export and

If all looks good, export the report and send it to your prospects. They'll love it!

Impress your prospects

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